Lambrok Stream by numbers

  • 8.2 — The length in kilometres of the Lambrok from its source to its confluence with the River Biss.
  • 747 The length in metres of the stretch of the stream that runs through the park from Lambrok Close to Whiterow Bridge.
  • 2 The number of times the stream has flooded into Flood Zone 2 this winter.

1. EA Flood Zones 2 & 3; 2. the Lambrok in flood

  • 0845 988 1188 The Environment Agency’s Floodline number.
  • 14 — The number of species of Odonata identified on the Lambrok, downstream of Southwick. Remember that, in southern England, it only takes an assemblage of 15 -17 Odonata species for a site to meet the criteria for a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI).

3. Scarce chaser; 4. southern hawker

  • 1713.709 — The whole of the Lambrok catchment area in hectares.
  • 3 — The number of planning applications submitted to the council which will affect Lambrok Stream’s biota.

5. Bulrushes in the stream; 6. the Lambrok at Southwick Court

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