A walk in the Park

by Ian Bushell

I took my permitted exercise at the park over lunchtime. There were just eight cars when I arrived at noon and only fifteen when I left an hour later.  People were well spaced all around the park; everybody seems to be taking the new regulations seriously.

 It was lovely and sunny and the temperature rose to 17.5°C.  I went down to the bottom of Sheep Field, and the copse where we did the haloing earlier this year, to check for the Spanish squills among the bluebells.

1 Invasive alien: Spanish squill; 2 native bluebell; 3 garden escape: grape hyacinth.

There are some just showing so I will return to decapitate them some time later. I took pictures of Grape Hyacinths (Muscari) in the copse, but they are all over the park this year. 

My main point was to see if I could identify the Elms in the hedge line that goes along the bottom of Sheep Field and Sleepers and decide where we could put the Disease Resistant Elm saplings. We must keep a lookout for the White Letter Hairstreak butterflies this year.

4 White letter hairstreak; 5 peacock; 6 brimstone; 7 comma.

At least four or five Peacocks on the wing and the same number of Brimstone butterflies, all really bright and pristine just out of hibernation.  I also saw a Comma, the first one this year.

Chiffchaff giving it welly – lovely to hear.

8 Forget-me-not; 9 celandine.

There were Celandines at Fiveways, and Forget-Me-Nots near the Parkrun finish line in Simpsons.

Stay safe everybody and look after yourselves.


Here’s a post from 2018 that explains why Ian is decapitating Spanish squill in the copse:

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