There are traffic cones across the entrance to the main car park. Neither the Friends nor their Countryside Officer know who put them there or if they mean that the park is closed. We are making enquiries and will keep you informed. In the meantime, let’s assume that the park is closed.

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  1. Would that not be obvious – you should not be driving to a location to take your daily exercise – people were driving there all over the weekend
    You need to get a clear message out that only use the park if it is walking distance 👌

  2. I can’t believe that Countryside officers are even needing to ask why a carpark has been closed -ls it not obvious ?

    1. We know why the car park has been closed but we didn’t know if the park had been closed. The county says that the park is open and, under the present guidelines, will stay open.
      We are the Friends of The Park, we don’t make any of the decisions or write any of the guidelines; if you want to complain because the car park was open over the weekend, please put your complaint to the county or to the police.

  3. Why not a short drive? It’s an opportunity for healthy exercise in the open air. So what if I drive 1 mile to reach it, I keep my distance from others, stop being so puritanical

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