Walk in the park

By Ian Bushell

Up to the park early this morning with Pat.  Glorious blue skies, dew on the cobwebs and birds singing.

“…dew on the cobwebs and birds singing.” Images by DKG

I checked and cleared the Sheep Field copse of Spanish squills – there were about 15 clumps – but all are gone for the moment. Let’s hope that is the end of them.
There are Ransoms or Wild Garlic in the Village Green copse – just over the decorated bridge – take the path through the copse and most of them are on your left.  There are also masses of plants spreading right up to the area where we seriously thinned out of the ash saplings, where the children make camps.

Wild garlic and the path through the ash saplings: images by Ian Bushell

In the stream between the Decorated Bridge and the boundary hedge there are lots of very small tadpoles and at the bottom of Kestrel Field, on the edge of the copse, we found cowslips – I think these are the ones we planted last year.

Tadpoles by Benny Mazur (CC-BY-2.0) flickr.com; cowslips by SMH

I am pretty sure we have a fair few elms coming into leaf in the hedge lines between Cornfield and Sleepers, and between Sleepers and Sheep Field. Keeping a look out for White Letter Hairstreaks.
On the way back, in the bottom corner of Sleepers by that beautiful oak pollard, I found and removed one more clump of Spanish squill. Lots of lovely native Bluebells there as well.

Oak pollard by SMH and bluebells by Ian Bushell

Going to the park we saw a small car parked on the grass by the entrance to the park.  Coming back at about 9.15am someone had moved the cones blocking the entrance and two cars were parked in the car park. I emailed the Countryside Team, who said the car park is still closed as far as they knew, so these are just people who don’t think they have to stick to the rules.

Take another walk with Ian through the last year’s fine June weather:

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  1. Sounds like a lovely walk. I have Spanish sqills among the blue bells too but too many now to control so I’ll just make sure they don’t escape! Some welcome rain at last this morning, makes weeding so much easier!

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