Checking the park

by Ian Bushell

I took the chance this afternoon to drive to the park and park on that bit of verge by the entrance.  There were three cones across the entrance at 1pm but only two when I left at 2:30! Somebody is still breaking the rules.

I wandered along the Lambrok to the ford.  At the first [well used] bend, there were two pairs of Large Red Damselfly [Pyrrhosoma nymphula] mating and drifting about the reeds and on the water; also plenty of Sticklebacks. 

1. Large Red Damselfly 2. Three spined stickleback

The Boggy Area is still wet but has no standing water left, no sign of the fritillaries we planted there.  Within Lambrok Meadow I saw a pair of Peacocks, two pairs of Orange Tips and a Speckled Wood.  Lambrok Meadow is looking really good with the Buttercups.

3. Peacock 4. Orange Tip 5. Speckled Wood;

In the woods around Village Green, I saw four pairs of Speckled Woods and another pair of Orange Tips.  In the open meadow two more pairs of Peacocks, a Red Admiral and another four pairs of  Orange tips.

By the pond was another pair of Large Red Damselfly; the Yellow Flags are coming out and Milkmaids. 

6. Yellow Flag 7. Milkmaids

Lots of midges/gnats and mosquitoes over the pond and the Roach were going for them, the first time I’ve seen that there.  Village Green looking very good with Buttercups and Sorrel – but I found a few young Ragwort plants and pulled them out.

8. Sorrel 9. emerging leaves of Common Spotted Orchid

Walking through the copse I could see the first signs of the emerging Common Spotted Orchids,

On the way out, I checked the whips we planted around the Hope Nature Centre car park and it looks like at least 95% are good.

Keep safe everybody.

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  1. Isn’t parking on the grass verge the same as parking in the car park ie breaking the rules? Even if you did take lovely pics

    1. The park is open; it is the car park that is closed.
      Did you mean your comment to be anonymous or did you just neglect to put your name at the top? We have opened the comments to all; you don’t HAVE to leave a name but we would much rather you did. Firstly, it’s confusing if there is more than one Anonymous commenting on any issue and secondly, there is just something weird about anonymous comments.

  2. Hello all

    After a period of venturing out no further than the field opposite our house, we walked to the Allotment entrance and onward to the front gate this week. Approximately 6/7 weeks since we were in the Park, what a change. The trees now have leaves and blossom, the buttercups were wonderful. The forget me nots have a very appropriate name after so long from visiting. The bird song was simply wonderful.

    No cars in the car park and very few people. We spoke to a lady who could walk to the Park, she did mention one time she was there when there were quite a few cars and that the bollards had been moved. She was sure this was a one off, as she hadn’t seen the number of cars parked again.

    We hope that you are keeping well. Our daughter in law has had a nasty virus. Two weeks with Coronavirus, a secondary infection treated by antibiotics and with no improvement, she is back on antibiotics again with a chest xray pending. It has been very scary. We wouldn’t wish it on anyone.

    Thank you for keeping an eye on things. Hopefully, fingers crossed, life will return to normal soon.

    Kind regards

    Joan and Patrick

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