Social distancing

We are not out of the woods yet. The latest coronavirus figures for Wiltshire are not encouraging and scientists now believe that airborne transmission is playing a big part in the disease’s spread.

From SOMERSET LIVE July 6th:
New data released by Public Health England shows just how much higher the number of confirmed coronavirus cases is in Wiltshire than previously thought […]. A change in the way figures are reported occurred earlier this week, meaning that the number of confirmed cases from tests carried out in the community, including in care homes […] have now been made public. It means that the true official number of positive COVID-19 tests in Wiltshire now stands at 1,976, significantly higher than the previous figure of 1,017.

And from NATURE, yesterday:
Governments are starting to change policies amid concerns that tiny droplets can carry SARS-CoV-2. And after months of denying the importance of this, the World Health Organization is reconsidering its stance

Please be careful about social distancing in the park, particularly in the car park; try not to talk face to face, consider wearing a mask when there are people around who are not in your bubble. Open the gates with your foot or elbow, carry some way to clean your hands and try to restrict groups to numbers that meet GOV.UK’s complicated rules about bubbles and households.

Tuesday evening’s birthday party met all the requirements of a superspreader event: the asymptomatically young, not masked, ignoring all the rules about bubbles, households and social distancing, then dispersing to homes all across Southwick and Trowbridge.

Take care; stay safe.

Header picture: Socially distanced friends walking their dogs in Sleepers Field.

5 thoughts on “Social distancing

  1. Thank you for your care and concern for everyone- Southwick Country Park has been a favourite place for my daughter and I to walk , especially during lockdown. We were so grateful for its peacefulness – the plants, trees and beautiful bird song. Thanks to all the volunteers who make it such a lovely space.

      1. I think lockdown has given people time to pause and look around. I have never before seen so many families walking in the countryside, or cycling in country lanes. I think people’s priorities will have been changed by this pandemic.

  2. well said , the park despite the episodes of vandalism, looks lovely and is a delight to walk in.

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