Brown Hawker

A brown hawker female, Aeshna grandis, spotted in the park by Ian Bushell on Tuesday afternoon.

Brown hawkers breed in standing or slow-moving water just like our ponds and the little tributary of the Lambrok that connects them. The female lays its eggs in floating vegetation, marginal plants or in soaked and rotting timber.

The British Dragonfly Society says that they hunt well away from the water and may be found hawking woodland rides well into the evening, which is exactly when and where Ian saw this female: early in the evening, on the edge of the woodland on the northern boundary of Village Green.

Brown hawkers are large, and their bronze tinged wings are very distinctive; both sexes have a brown body with bright yellow thorax stripes. They are also very territorial so this female will be hunting and defending her patch of the Village Green woods every evening; keep a lookout for her.

Header photograph by Suzanne Humphries

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