Butterfly transect

Southwick Country Park

Recorder Ian Bushell
Date 21 July 2020
Start time 1420hrs Finish time 1615hrs
Temperature 23C; Cloud 70% Sunshine
Wind direction – westerly, light, odd gusts.
All fields now mown.

No transect this time last year (2019) so cannot compare but compared to the 2018 transect at this time all the numbers are up considerably, and a greater variety. 1st record this year of Small Copper, unusual number of pristine Brimstone, great flush of Gatekeepers.

[1] small copper; [2] brimstone; [3] gatekeeper.

[4] red admiral; [5] peacock; [6] ringlet.

Zone 1 – Lambrok Meadow
Zone 2 – Village Green
Zone 3 – Corn Field
Zone 4 – Sleeper Field
Zone 5 – Sheep Field/Allotment/Brunts Field
Zone 6 – Triangle/Simpsons and Arboretum

Header picture: speckled wood by Ian Bushell

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