New bins!

A dozen new rubbish bins have been installed in the park.

While more and more park goers have been getting more and more diligent about picking up litter and dog poop, and the park has been looking wonderful, the bins have been deteriorating very rapidly.

Some creative accounting on the part of the Countryside Team and a detailed search of county storage facilities has produced a dozen shiny new rubbish bins. Last week contractors removed the old and damaged bins, and installed the new ones.

The location of the bins is dictated by the central hard path and the two vehicular entrances into the park; there is no point putting litter bins in the fields where the bin lorry can’t reach them. The Countryside Team consulted with Pat, our Champion Litter Picker, and has chosen some new locations as well as refurbishing old ones.

Our thanks to all the people who helped to keep the park looking its best during lockdown when the car park was closed and FoSCP largely out of action. There was a litter-strewn pause at first while everybody considered the Covid19-related dangers involved in picking up a drinks can that somebody else had thrown down but then, provisioned with gloves and litter-picking sticks, normal service was resumed. Thank you all; you were brilliant.

Look after yourselves; stay safe.

3 thoughts on “New bins!

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  1. The new bins are great! My dogs will very often go once I’ve passed a bin so it’s great knowing I don’t have to walk 3 fields carrying the bag to the next one 👍🏻

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