Small scissor bee

This is the cutest thing we have read on the internet for some time.

Britain’s smallest bee, just 6-7mm, is the small scissor bee, Chelostoma campanularum. The females collect nectar and pollen from various species of campanula and nest inside woodworm holes in dead wood. The males sleep inside flowers.

Campanula. woodworm holes and a small scissor bee.

Unfortunately we haven’t identified the small scissor bee in the park and we have no wild campanulas to bring them here. Look for them if you have any campanulas, particularly harebells, in your garden and send us pictures, please.

A post about some of the bees that can be found in the park:

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  1. I think we have a nest of small scissors bees under our flat roof. They are going in through an abandoned overflow pipe in the facia of our extension. We also have an abundance of Campanula in the garden. They are very tiny so I’m assuming thats what they are.

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