During lockdown, we noticed more families walking in the park: excited children and their parents, and sometimes grandparents, all eager to get out of the house and take their permitted exercise in our springtime park. As lockdown has eased, the families have stayed; all summer, there have been socially distanced picnickers under the trees and home-schooled children racing wildly through the fields and woods, sometimes with our downloadable activity sheets in their hands.

Recently, we have met many first timers: local folk, who only just found out about the beautiful park right on their doorstep. We have had conversations with people who feel they might not have survived lockdown without this sanctuary, and received welcome praise for the hard work that keeps it pristine.

We would love to hear and publish your lockdown stories about the park: things you have done, seen, noticed or photographed, and, in particular, how it might have helped you during this difficult year.

Email is best for photographs ( but words can come via Facebook Messenger, or text (07747 408798), as well as email, and here is a link to our Contact Page where you can submit a feedback comment if that would be easier.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

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