A Walk In The Park

by Ian Bushell

I had a quick wander round the park this afternoon to see what needs doing, to assess the ragwort situation in the fields, and look at the tree damage done by the wind. There were three Roe Deer under the Owl Oak in the Church Lane field across the Lambrok, where they are planning to build houses..

Apart from the usual number of Large and Small Whites, I was quite surprised to see several Speckled Woods. I got a good picture of one in the entrance between Sleepers Field and Sheep Field. 

There was a pair of Small Coppers in the long grass opposite the old owl box in Sheep field and a Comma in the set aside at the top of Kestrel Field. 

There are still a few House Martins flying around and several  Common Darters over the pond.

The summer is nearly over.

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