Planning Application 18/10035/OUT

RPS has resubmitted Planning Application 18/10035/OUT to build houses on the fields between the park and Church Lane. The application was submitted on Wednesday, 2nd September, for a period of public consultation that will end on September 30th. The county’s policies for this site (H2.4) are on page 43 of Wiltshire’s Housing Site Allocation Plan.

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  1. Oh no. The land opposite you is in consultation also now. Plans are out to build 50 houses. That will mean a cross road at Frome road. 🙄

    1. Please, what is the application number for the site (H2.5) across the road, Gemma? The site at Southwick Court is also planning an access road to Frome Road; that will be three junctions or a roundabout just outside the park.

          1. The Wiltshire Housing Site Allocation Plan, which selected these sites for development, says 45 houses on each. Be sure, when Newland Homes puts in the application, that you write and object to that many houses.

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