New fencing at Puddle Corner.

Ian Bushell writes:

When Vicky, Paul and Rich from the Countryside Team went round part of the park to see what needed to be done, Puddle Corner was still under water and they realised the danger for people, especially children, crossing into Sleeper Field when the edges of the bridge could not be seen. They decided there was a need for some form of fencing before somebody got hurt.

Last Wednesday one of our tasks was cutting back the vegetation on the pond side of the bridge to allow fencing to be installed. One of the county’s contractors came in and installed the fencing at the end of the week. Looks pretty good.

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  1. Terry wasn’t the chap who put the fence up at puddle corner, he also mended both the rails round the lone oak. this is a photo of when it was damaged by vandals. Sorry I’ve forgotten his name. Clive might know are we stopped and spoke to him while he was doing it.

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