Sheep worrying

Is your dog a sheep worrier?

A neighbouring farmer has reported that a dog chased and injured his sheep on two separate occasions last week. He reported both incidents to the police, who believe that it was probably an off-leash dog from the park.

We think that the dog probably left the park through one of the gaps in the boundary hedge at the north of Village Green. On the map below, that hedge is marked with a yellow dotted line; we know there are often sheep in the field on the other side.

The hedge, through which we think the sheep-worrying dog left the park, is marked with a dotted yellow line.

Both of these attacks occurred at around five o’clock in the evening, perhaps somebody walking a boisterous dog after they have returned from work. Please, can we ask that you do not let your dog run off-leash in the Village Green woodland if you are not absolutely certain that it would not take advantage of a gap in the hedge and the opportunity to chase livestock.

If your dog worries sheep, YOU have committed an offence punishable by a fine of up to £1000.

3 thoughts on “Sheep worrying

  1. Thank you, they are my sheep. All ok today, although still quite jumpy. I really appreciate you posting about it, thank you!

    1. We thought they probably were your sheep, Will. We have just been sent a video of two or three dogs chasing the horses, this afternoon, in the next field; somebody got the registration number of the car the owners drove off in. I will send all that information on to the police today.
      People shouldn’t keep dogs if they don’t know how to control them

      1. Southwick Country Park thank you so so much for all you are doing and the witness for having the foresight to take photo and information on the registration. I wish I had a description of the dog/s chasing my sheep as it may very well be the same. Irresponsible dog owners are fortunately a tiny minority but they ruin it for everyone ☹️☹️ the police took things very seriously, so they will certainly be following this up. Thank you again.

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