Otter in Lambrok Stream

We have been sent video of an otter hunting in Southwick Court moat yesterday.

To reach Southwick Court, the otter must have come along the Lambrok, through the park: clear evidence of the biodiversity of this part of Lambrok Stream. It takes a sound ecosystem to support an apex predator like an otter.

Video by Simon Tesler
Header Picture: Southwick Court moat by Simon Tesler

15 thoughts on “Otter in Lambrok Stream

  1. Brilliant. Gives us hope for the future – if development allows it.
    Thank you Simon for sharing the otter with us.

  2. There has also been evidence of otter visiting garden ponds further into Southwick. A large half eaten fish was found near the Lambrok at the entrance to the Wynsome Street bridge a couple of years ago

    1. People who live in the large house in Wynsome St. next to the Baptist Chapel, say the otter have eaten all the fish in their pond

      1. The otter in Simon’s video is fishing. There are quite a few species of fish in the Lambrok and, given the space of Southwick Court’s moat, they can grow to a respectable size.

  3. Hello all. Yes, we were so lucky! We really are so honoured that he – (a friend who knows about such things says he thinks it’s a dog otter) – gave us such a close-up look. It was actually extraordinary because I’d been shadowing him for more than half an hour before this. He clearly wasn’t bothered by my presence at all.

    I originally saw him at distance further upstream away from our house, and was trying for some time to get a video but he started heading off away from me. About 5 minutes later I was in the back of the garden and he was suddenly lolloping towards me across the grass – I actually thought it was our cat for a split second – but by the time I got my phone out he was just vanishing into a bush.

    I kept filming there for ten minutes without another glimpse so headed back inside when I saw him in the stream again through a window – he must have been doing a full circuit – and so I rushed out to the bridge and got his victory lap… Just to put this in context I was standing right outside our front gate less than four feet from our front door, so he was very very close to the house. Then a couple of hours later he (or perhaps a friend!) came back to hoover up all the tasty morsels he missed first time around, and we got some more footage.

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