Flea circus part 3

by Barbara Johnson

After reading how chemicals used in flea treatment can damage and pollute our waterways, I asked a vet for information and asked if he could suggest an alternative flea treatment.

He confirmed that Fipronil is used in the product Frontline and Imidacloprid is used in the product Advocate.  He suggested an alternative product for treating fleas, which contains the ingredient flurolaner.  This is in tablet form that is given every three months and provides cover for fleas and ticks. This product would need to be used alongside compatible preventative treatment for worms.

I mentioned this to Frome dog physiotherapist, Harriet K., who is currently treating our dog Buddy after an operation.  She is also very concerned about protecting the environment and only uses flea treatment when really needed as she doesn’t want to put more toxins into her dog’s body than is absolutely necessary.  Also every three months she sends samples of her dog’s poo to be tested at an internationally renown veterinary laboratory with expertise in screening for worms.  She can then treat her dog for worms only when necessary.

Harriet seems very professional, knowledgeable and caring and Buddy always enjoys her visits.

Pictures of dogs swimming: Creative Commons
Footer picture: the park’s pond at dawn by DKG

Flea circus
Flea circus part 2

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  1. Very interesting. I use frontline for my cat and it recommends that I use it every 4 weeks. I am going to find something else – I did not realise how piosonous the frontline stuff is.

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