Motorbike update (2.00pm)

This is the damage in Village Green, caused by what is obviously a child’s motorbike. This is an area where the Friends of Southwick Country Park have focused on increasing biodiversity, encouraging vetches, vetchlings and tares as food plants for the caterpillars of increasingly rare butterflies. We have also planted Fritillaria meleagris corms in this area.

Do you know the parents of the child or children who are riding motorbikes around Village Green?

Update 5.00pm

More pictures, from a member of FoSCP, of the damage to Village Green and Cornfield, taken late this afternoon.

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  1. They were there again late this afternoon. Definitely not young children, this is like a trail bike. Will contact Matt Till as requested

    1. Thanks. I think the only thing we can do is contact PCSO Mat Till as quickly as we can and email any pictures we can safely take. They seem to be doing a lot of damage.

  2. Last week it was a youngster on a scrambler , he thought I was ringing the police so pushed his bike out of the park

    1. Thanks for discouraging him/them. And please could you leave a name when you comment (any name will do); if you don’t your comment is posted as anonymous which looks sinister (and it is our policy to delete anonymous comments).

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