Heritage orchard

In February of 2014, the Friends of Southwick Country Park planted an orchard: thirty eight heritage apple trees of fourteen different varieties, in the southern end of the park. They have really beautiful names:

[1] Malus domestica; [2] Malus sylvestris,

Beauty of Bath
Bedwyn Beauty
Chorister Boy
Dredges Fame
Egremont Russet
Julia’s Late Golden

Kingston Black
Mary Barnet
Star of Devon
Tom Putt
Usher’s Gutter
Upton Pine
Roundway Magnum

[3] Beauty of Bath; [4] Roundway Magnum; [5] Star of Devon.

One of the Egremont Russets was mown down by an over-enthusiastic contractor and was replaced by an unnamed apple seedling, grown in the allotments, but otherwise all the trees are doing well. The Friend who tends the orchard has, until now, focused on growth rather than fruit production but this winter, now that the trees are more mature, we planted crab apples (Malus sylvestris) as pollinators, to encourage a good crop.

Apple pie, anyone?

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