H2 development sites

Mail from Simon Tesler, on the full extent of the H2 sites.

Just to give you an idea of the scale of proposed development South of Trowbridge, I have put together this composite map from the Wiltshire Planning Portal, which shows the six “live” housing applications currently being pushed through separately by different developers, almost all of them on green field sites. That’s a combined total of 665 additional homes in just the space of 2 or 3 kilometres from Upper Studley to Drynham. They are being put through individually, rather than as a single giant estate. As a result, each one is being considered by Wiltshire Planning – by four different Planning Officers in fact – as, effectively, a separate individual application. There is no “masterplan” for the development as a whole.


Thank you, Simon. Your map shows quite clearly how the H2 sites will close the green corridor between Trowbridge and the villages to its south, damaging the bats’ flight corridor between their roosts in the woodlands to the east and their foraging grounds in Southwick Country Park Nature Reserve.

We will return to this subject over the weekend.

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  1. Thanks Simon. We have very much focused on the H2.4, H2.5 & H2.6 developments and how they will have an adverse effect on the wildlife. This wider view is even more disturbing potentially disrupting the Southern Trowbridge green corridor and without a coordinated plan to protect this vital link the developers will win.

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