Blunt-tailed Snake Millipede

The blunt-tailed snake millipede (Cylindroiulus punctatus) is tiny: it grows up to 25 mm. It is pale brown and its segments are coloured in a way that makes it look striped; it often has darker spots along each side. Its native habitat is the rotting wood and leaf litter of deciduous woodlands but it is just as happy to live in the untidier places in your garden. All millipedes feed on dead plant material, they are essential nutrient recyclers.

Both photographs are by Christophe Quintin.

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  1. They are in the Park and are on the Species List. Mark and I found some feeding on the rotten wood at the base of the Lone Oak.

    1. Yes, they are on the species lists. I am going to pick something out of the species lists every week for the rest of 2021 and put it on the front page!

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