A gallery of squirrels

We know they are an invasive alien species that inflicts terrible damage on our trees every year – but they are also much loved, long term park residents.

Header picture by Simon Knight

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  1. I know that they are generally regarded as pests, but they are cute and can be quite entertaining to watch. I find it interesting that they have their own individual character. Some will run as soon as you approach, and some are clearly more brave as they remain closer, trying to work out if you are a threat.
    They are also one of the more visible species in the park, and if their presence and cuteness can help to spark an interest in wildlife amongst the parks visitors, especially children, then I think that the squirrels are OK.

  2. I too have a soft spot for squirrels. Three visit our garden and we are happy to let them share our the wild bird food while we watch there antics! Feeding them also stops them damaging our trees.

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