We need volunteers

The park has been so important to so many during this last locked-down year. People have come here for permitted exercise, to run their children and their dogs, to walk off their worries or just to stay sane in an increasingly insane world. Now that we are promised an end to the craziness, it is the park that needs a little help.

We need volunteers. We would like fit, young and strong volunteers but will cheerfully take in anybody who is willing and able. The only required equipment is sturdy footwear and a Thermos flask of coffee; we provide thornproof gloves, all the tools and protective gear, and insurance.

We meet every Wednesday morning in the car park at 9.30am and we work until midday with a break for coffee and biscuits. You can’t miss us: we are the ones in hi-vis vests with Friends of Southwick Country Park written on the back. Ian is in charge of work parties and he will have the necessary paperwork in the boot of his car.

Please come and join us.

5 thoughts on “We need volunteers

  1. Hi! I would like to volunteer to help in the Country Park. My name is Philip Riddle, and I live in Chantry Gardens, Southwick. My mobile number is 0750882436 I’m unable to help this coming Wednesday. Philip.

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    1. Great! If you can’t come next Wednesday, any Wednesday will do. I will pass your name to Ian so that he will know you are on your way. Thanks.

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