Butterfly season

Message from Ian

Speckled Wood, Peacocks, Orange Tip and Brimstone knocking about.

[1] orange tip (Gonepteryx rhamni); [2] peacock (Aglais io); [3] brimstone (Anthocharis cardamines); [4] speckled wood (Pararge aegeria)

Southwick Country Park Nature Reserve is good with Lepidoptera. We have identified over 130 species of moths and butterflies in the park, 11 of them UK BAP Priority Species.

This year we are asking you to photograph butterflies and moths, not only in the park, but in the whole Trowbridge and Southwick area and send them to us to identify. The photographs don’t have to be clear, beautiful or close-ups; in Ian, we have our own expert lepidopterist who can sometimes make identifications from mere blurs.

We will need to know where you took your pictures; this will help us build up a map of the wider area’s Lepidoptera, and the park’s place in it.

Email your pictures to friendsofscp@outlook.com or message them to us on Fb messenger, remembering that your phone may automatically reduce the size of a shared picture, and the more pixels you send us the more likely we are to be able to make an identification.


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