New nests

Ian reports that the bee swarm from the old ash tree at Fiveways seems to have settled into a hole in the tree we call the Owl Box Oak; a second honey bee colony in the reserve is very exciting news.

[1] The bee swarm that left the ash tree at Fiveways, photographed by Julie Newblé. [2] A bright green X marks the spot where the swarm has settled into the Owl Box Oak, neighbours to a pair of greater spotted woodpeckers and their offspring.

Ian also reported that while he was showing the new bee colony to Simon Knight, our in-house wildlife photographer, a pair of greater spotted woodpeckers were swooping in and out of the tree, feeding red-headed nestlings in a hole just below the colony’s new home.

Without disturbing either nest, pause and take a look next time you walk that way. I have marked the Owl Box Oak with a bright green X on the map above and, to be doubly sure you are looking into the right tree, check the bottom of its trunk: there are bracket fungi about 30cm above ground level.

[3] A greater spotted woodpecker female, photographed in the park by Simon Knight… [4] and a greater spotted woodpecker chick (CC0).

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