…and there’s more

by Clive Knight

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  1. Hi I like photographing wildlife and travel around the country I visit lots of nature reserves but I have noticed at the Southwick nature reserve dogs are allowed of the lead I have seen dogs chase squirrels and birds and jumping in the pond if it was a true Nature Reserve dogs would not be allowed off the lead why is there no signage to say this

    1. We are not the right organisation to ask. The reserve is owned and the decisions made by Wiltshire Council; you would need to ask them. Here are the Countryside Team’s contact details: Countryside Officer, Environment Services, Wiltshire Council, Bythesea Road, Trowbridge, BA14 8JN.
      Telephone:- 01225 718647 and email:- countryside@wiltshire.gov.uk
      Please leave a name (any will do) when you comment. It is our policy to delete anonymous comments but as you have raised a valid question, we have given you a pseudonym.

  2. Good morning could somebody ask Clive whereabouts in the park they are I’ve been looking for them for a few years but never had much luck as I love taking photos of the them. Best wishes Christopher

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