Southwick Court Housing

New Documents for Consultation

by David Feather

What you see above is an extract from one of the new documents that have now been submitted by developers Waddeton Park Ltd for their proposed housing site next to Southwick Court and across the road from Southwick CP Nature Reserve. The drawing shows that the bridge over the Lambrok, previously proposed for the access road from the A361, has been changed to a series of three culverts. They call them culverts but all three are twenty metres wide and really are three bridges separated by about 20m of embankment.

This second extract shows a side view. When you study it, you will see that the horizontal and vertical scales are different, so be careful in interpreting them.

If they are really to be culverts, then they will have a flat bottom and I believe this is a great cause for concern. They will have to excavate across the Lambrok itself and this has a high chance of causing silt and mud to be washed downstream into our Nature Reserve. We have found fresh water mussels shells which appear to have had their contents eaten by otters. We know there are otters around Southwick Court, as they have been filmed recently. We do not want the clear Lambrok water that we currently have, to be contaminated and our wildlife damaged.

There are a lot of objections to this development, including a petition. We can hope that Wiltshire Council Planning Authority can take heed of what objectors and petitioners say. That should be the whole point of consultation.

If you would like to see the revised documents in full, go to Wiltshire Council’s website, choose Search Planning Applications and put in the application reference number 20/00379/OUT. And, please consider making a comment and possibly an objection, if you agree with me and/or the other objectors. The consultation deadline is 7 December.

The header picture is of Lambrok Stream as it passes through Southwick Court, taken by Simon Tesler

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