Storm damage

Julie Newblé has sent us pictures of storm damage in the reserve.

So far, we seem to have escaped with the loss of just a single tree from the boundary of Lambrok Meadow and a couple of branches elsewhere.

A single tree downed in the boundary of Lambrok Meadow, near the main entrance and a couple of branches

Winter storms are always less damaging to the countryside than other storms because there are no leaves on the deciduous trees. The great storm of 1987 happened in the middle of October, when the trees were still in full leaf, and it felled an estimated 15 million trees.

The loss of a single conifer to a storm of Eunice’s strength would be a stroke of luck for the park. But it is early yet; if you have seen, or have pictures of, further damage, please email them (in as large a format as possible) to us at Thanks.

Here’s hoping there’s nothing more to report.

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  1. I only walked main path with my dog yesterday as it was still windy and thought it a bit dangerous to go further, hopefully later today I can look at another part of the park

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