A short, damp work party report

by Ian Bushell

A miserable morning, cold and very wet, with just the “Three Musketeers” turning up, Frank, Clive and myself.

Frank wanted to continue draining the hard path in the area of the decorated bridge, having sorted out the drainage issues from the hard path between the footbridge into Village Green and the pond last week, so we all worked in that area.  Frank, see photo, completed his task and has been awarded a Ditching  Certificate of Incompetence 1st Class. 

Clive and I sorted out the Pussy Willow close to the bridge damaged in the latest storms. 

Having got thoroughly wet while we completed the tasks, we squelched to the picnic area for coffee and soggy biscuits and there were entertained by a Jay.  The daffodils are just beginning to show where we have planted them in Village Green, and Snowdrops are making lovely displays all over the reserve.

A jay and a glorious array of daffodils from our archive of pictures of the reserve taken by the late DKG

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