Your own sensory garden

by David Feather

A few days ago, the postman delivered a brochure from the Whitehall Garden Centre. I was pleased to read an article about making a garden a place of well-being. Very few have a garden as big as the Country Park, but we can try to have some elements of it.

Many of us have just small gardens, particularly with new houses, so it is difficult to set aside space for wildlife. However, the brochure pointed to a way of helping self and wildlife. This is by planting a sensory garden. Scented vegetation, like Rosemary, Eucalyptus and Bay can stimulate our senses and help us relax. Its something like using bath salts.

L-R: lavender, eucalyptus, rose, rosemary

The scents of Rose and Lavender can help to boost memory power. They can also calm and improve sleep quality. You can use the rose petals in a Pot Pourri. You can dry the Lavender flowers and make a cushion with them to help you get to sleep. And to top it all, Lavender is very good for bees as well.

Although not highly scented, Buddleia is another good plant for helping wildlife and looks great. It attracts butterflies and other wee beasties. The Sunday Gardener at 10 best plants for bees and butterflies ( gives other flowers and shrubs that you can plant.

Whatever you do, create a garden that you enjoy being in and looking after.

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