A Sunday Stroll

by Ian Bushell

As it was so pleasant, we thought we would take a gentle Sunday afternoon stroll.

We went over the footbridge, into Village Green and up through the glade where we were met by a pair of Speckled Woods, a pair of Orange Tips [the first I have seen this year], a Peacock, a Tortoiseshell and a Comma – quite a haul. 

Orange Tip, Peacock, Small Tortoiseshell and Comma

The Cowslips in the set-aside at the top of Village Green are flourishing, with the Native Daffodils just fading.  Down at the pond on the triangular bit of ground by the inlet there are the first leaves of the Common Spotted Orchids showing.  Cornfield then Puddle Corner and all round Sleeper.

Cowslip and native Daffodil

In the Ash copse at the bottom of Sheep Field the Bluebells are looking good and while we were wandering through I found just one weedy Spanish Squill – and NO MORE!   Up to the allotments to check the new Great Crested Newt pond, where we saw nothing of note, and then on to the top of The Race.  A single Holly Blue [again, the first I have seen this year] and another Peacock and a pair of Speckled Woods further down. 

Bluebells, Holly Blue, Snake’s Head Fritillary and The Wildlife Wheel

We checked the Snake’s head Fritillary near the wooden Wildlife Wheel.  At the top of Kestrel Field we cut through the copse to look at the Wood Anemones by the Hazel bank and then down to boggy area to check the Fritillaries there. The boggy area is drying out and it looks like the Phantom Ditch Digger is back!

What a beautiful day.

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