Rambling in the reserve

by Ian Bushell

A funny start to the day with weather totally uncertain if it wanted to rain or be bright. While it had been raining in town, in the reserve the paths and grass were quite dry.

For early morning, there was a surprising number of cars in the car park but, strangely, Pat and I didn’t meet anybody other than the regular early morning walkers.

[1] wren [2] peacock caterpillars

There was a Wren singing its heart out at the entrance gate and Peacock caterpillars in the nettles by the picnic area. We took a wander to the top of Village Green and on the way up saw a female Large Skipper on one of the Common Spotted Orchids – an excellent juxtaposition, I thought.

We settled on the bench at the top to take in the delights. Village Green is still uncut [as is the Arboretum, Simpsons and the Allotment Field] which is great for the butterflies; Meadow Brown, Ringlets, Small and Large Skippers, Marbled Whites and Tortoiseshells.

[3] ringlet [4] marbled white [5] small tortoiseshell [6] painted lady

On the way back we saw the much battered Painted Lady that has taken up residence in Lambrok Meadow.

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