Butterfly transect

Ian Bushell conducted a butterfly transect in the reserve on Thursday. Butterfly transects are the way in which we measure changes in the population of the reserve’s butterflies from year to year. 

The same transect route is walked every year so that we can make valid comparisons; the route samples all the reserve’s habitat types in six zones. Butterflies are recorded in a band five metres wide along the route. Transect walks are always undertaken between 10.45am and 3.45pm and only when weather conditions are suitable for butterfly activity.

Here is a table of the transect’s findings.

Here is a gallery of the twelve species recorded during the transect:

The header image was taken in the reserve by DKG in 2018

Ian concluded that:

Village Green and the Allotments, where a hay crop was cut at the beginning of the week and has yet to be baled, proved rich in numbers particularly Meadow Browns and Ringlets. Overall there was a greater variety than last year and a slight up in numbers, certainly a good year for Ringlets and Marbled Whites.

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