MERIPILUS giganteus (Giant Polypore)

by Clive Knight

This is the fungus I found at the base of an oak tree in the reserve at the beginning of October. Rich Murphy identified it as a Giant Polypore (Meripilus giganteus). I took the first picture (see above) on October 15th when the fungus was about 10cm across.
Rich and I have followed its progress and photographed it regularly through October, November and up to the 3rd December when it had started to decline. At its fullest it was approx 55cm across by 25cm height.

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      1. Southwick Country Park: If only I were an expert! Sadly not. I love all the knowledge you share here though

        1. Thank you. We have Ian for the invertebrates, Ali for bats, Rich for trees and me for flowering plants but we are lost when it comes to all lichens and most fungi. Clive is on the case, though.

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