Disturbing News

There has been further vandalism in the reserve.

Email from Ian Bushell to Pat Jones, Ali Rasey, southwickcountrypark.com: Sat 14/01/2023 at 12:16

Hi all,

I don’t often look at the notice board but it would appear that someone has used it for target practice, probably an airgun. It looks like at least 20 pellets have been fired.  No other obvious targets in that area have been used – the Running Man statue or other notices – but disturbing that some idiot has taken a weapon and used it on council property.
Sorry, Patrick, more expenses in replacing the Perspex.


Email from Patrick Jones (FoSCP Treasurer) to Ian Bushell, Ali Rasey southwickcountrypark.com: Sat 14/01/2023 at 17:18

Hi Ian,

Thanks for the unwelcome info. Joan and I have been chewing this over and we think it requires a full Management Meeting to discuss our future policy on how we present and protect Southwick Country Park Local Nature Reserve. To be held wherever we manage to get a venue via Gemma.
With the continuing vandalism problem perhaps we need to consider moving the Notice Board to the Car Park where it will be less Private and we need to consider the positioning of all the Information Boards.
In the meantime I will try to get some temporary tape cover to make the board more weatherproof. It’s less than a year since we had to replace the whole door because of vandalism.


Email from southwickcountrypark.com to Ian Bushell, Pat Jones, Ali Rasey: Sat 14/01.2023 at 17:31

Hi Ian,

What a strange thing to shoot at and why such a focused bullet (pellet?) spread; did they stick a target to the Perspex or something? Very worrying that anybody would carry any sort of weapon into the reserve.
I’ll put it out on the website; somebody might tell us who did it and we can send them the bill.


Patrick and Joan fixed the new door onto the main noticeboard in March 2022 after the original door had been deliberately broken. This replacement door has now been damaged by somebody with an air gun firing at least twenty pellets into the perspex.

Email from Ian Bushell to Pat Jones, Ali Rasey, southwickcountrypark.com: Sat 14/01/2023 at 18:14

I presume, because a firearm, albeit an air rifle, has been used on council land then it needs to be reported to the police. I’ll do that. Why would anybody bring a weapon of any kind to a Nature Reserve?


We are now reporting LIVE:

Email from Ali Rasey to Pat Jones, Ian Bushell, southwickcountrypark.com cc: Gemma Thorp, Paul Millard: Mon 16/01/2023 at 10:07

Thanks Ian,

Please report this to the police. It constitutes vandalism which they need to have a record of.  And you think it’s airgun rather than catapult? 
Thanks Patrick and Joan for doing a temporary repair.  How much will the Perspex cost to replace, and where does it come from?  Please let us know because we will try to get it authorised from Wilts Council funds and order it.  It’s not right that it keeps coming out of the Friends funds. 
You’re right, it does indeed have implications for the other boards that are going in, and we do need to discuss it. 


Email from Ian Bushell to Ali Rasey, Pat Jones, southwickcountrypark.com cc: Gemma Thorp, Paul Millard: Mon 16/01/2023 at 10.20


Have spoken with Wilts police – 101 – tried 3 times to report online but the dratted thing kept crashing and going back to the start.  Anyway now done and Crime No 5***0000**** given.


If anybody can throw any light on this incident, who or why or even when, please mail us at friendsofscp@outlook.com. Thank you.

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  1. Yes, disturbing news. Even a catapult would be a dangerous thing to bring to a place where people walk with their families.

  2. I like these email conversations you sometimes post. They show how many people and how much work is involved in looking after the park.

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