Above: a buzzard photographed in the reserve last week by Philip Knight. And below: a second, much lighter coloured buzzard, this time from regular contributor, Cheryl Cronnie.
Buzzards are fiercely territorial so it’s probable that this is a breeding pair. Their territory will cover a much wider area than just our reserve and may contain several different nest sites that they use in successive years.We know that there is one nest site in the trees at the bottom of the field just across the road from our car park but it would be great if they chose a site in our woodland.
If you know of another buzzard’s nest in the area. please let us know

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  1. There are buzzards over the fields behind Blind Lane, I haven’t seen any nesting yet but I’ll keep my eyes open. I had thought it was a bit early for nesting but two magpies are building a nest in a pine tree in my garden. Unfortunately they will have a good view of any other birds that decide to nest here!

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