Fact file

Common name: Primrose

Scientific name: primula vulgaris

Family: Primulaceae; cowslip and scarlet pimpernel are other members of this family in the reserve.

Description: a small rosette-shaped perennial with pale yellow, scented flowers, each with five notched petals, on a slender stem

Habitat: shady banks and ditches, woodland floors in partial shade before the full canopy develops. The ditch at Fiveways and the old boundary banks in the north of Village Green are full of primroses.

Pollination: insect pollinated

Origin: native.

Conservation status: Green – Least concern; primroses are widespread and common but loss of habitat and inappropriate land management  can lead to a local decline.

DYK: April 19th is Primrose Day, the anniversary of the death of Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli, 1st Earl of Beaconsfield, in 1881

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