Chain Saw Gang

Pictures and a message from the Friends at work on Wednesday:

A good morning’s work clearing and tidying up in the copse at the top of Village Green where we had the camper at the end of the summer and more recently youths cutting down and burning some of the trees.   Whereas the camper had only taken down dead Ash [with a blue spot] the teenagers had cut down potentially good Oak trees.  The stumps have now been made safe by cutting them back to ground level. We have stacked the brash ready for future chipping, and identified stakes for helping to create robust dead hedging to protect veteran trees.  Some lovely sunny glades should develop over the summer.

All photographs by Ian Bushell

2 thoughts on “Chain Saw Gang

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  1. Thank goodness for the ‘friends’ who work tirelessly so we can all enjoy the Country Park safely!

  2. Great to see some good work being done to maintain the Park.
    Especially as there are so many Oak trees dying.

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