Tree numbers

There are forty six species of trees in the reserve.

Our most numerous genus is Salix. There are four species of Salix and one hybrid: Salix caprea (goat willow), Salix alba (white willow), Salix cinerea (grey willow), Salix fragilis (crack willow) and a grey willow/ goat willow hybrid.

When the reserve was first established, two copses of hazel were planted in the hope that we might attract dormice, but despite all our efforts there are no dormice in the reserve and the squirrels eat all the hazel nuts.

Our notable trees, including our veteran and ancient oaks, are numbered from 5457 to 5590. They are mapped but FoSCP’s copy of the map is old, crumpled and scribbled on so we can’t show it here.

In 2021 we panted fifteen disease resistant elm saplings in the hedge between Cornfield and Sleepers. This is the right time of year to check how many survived last summer’s drought and we will report back to you as soon as we know.

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