The Trefoil Oak

by Ian Bushell

It was a bit of a miserable drippy morning but eventually we sorted things out. The Trefoil Guild and the two metre English oak tree [Quercus robur] they have gifted to the reserve to commemorate Queen Elizabeth’s Diamond Jubilee arrived at the top of Simpsons Field at 10:30am, as planned. 

While the tree was presented by the West Wilts Trefoil Guild – an association of ex Girl Guide and Brownie leaders – to commemorate Queen Elizabeth’s Jubilee, COVID and other distractions delayed its planting, thus it also commemorates The Queen’s passing.

We planted the sapling where the line of Maple trees and the line to the Fairfield Centre Car park cross over. Clive and Pete did the honours, digging the hole, planting and tamping in.  The plaque, on a block of concrete was dug into the ground.

The Trefoil Guild are going to supply a more substantial stake and I will try and source a protective guard. Clive and I will co-ordinate any further work.

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  1. Whilst visiting friends in Southwick last week I visited the recently planted tree and bumped into Christine and Clive. It was lovely to meet another member of the Trefoil Guild from a different area of the country

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