Some of our resident mammals

[1] Wood mouse [2] Water vole [3] Pigmy shrew [4] Grey squirrel [5] Rabbit [6] Stoat [7] Common mouse [8] Brown hare [9] Badger.
Header image: hedgehog (CC0)

Hedgehogs were named for their noisy foraging. They root through hedges and undergrowth with their snouts, turning over the soil, looking for insects, worms, centipedes, bird eggs, snails, baby mice, frogs, all the while making loud piggy noises: snorts, squeals, and grunts.

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There is a well established rabbit warren in the hedge between Cornfield and Sleepers Field. But, despite their long-term place in our landscapes and myths, rabbits are not British natives; they are an introduced alien species.

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