Common spotted orchid

There is always competition to be the first to send in pictures of our common spotted orchids. This year the prize goes to Countryside Officer Ali Rasey.


Why has this been such a good year for orchids?

This year, we have identified five species of native orchids in the reserve. Two of them, the common spotted orchid and the broad leaved helleborine, are old friends, but bee orchids, pyramidal orchids and southern marsh orchids also appeared for the first time in the reserve’s fields.
What makes a good year for native orchids? Here are five possible factors to take into consideration.

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Yesterday, while surveying pollinator networks in the reserve, Ian Bushell discovered a colony of bright pink pyramidal orchids (Anacamptis pyramidalis), an important new species for the reserve.

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Every year there is quiet competition among Friends and Followers to see who can send in the first picture of the reserve’s common spotted orchids. This year the winner is Gill Newbury: well done, Gill!

The year’s best common spotted orchid, photographed last week by Ian Bushell.

Common spotted orchid, Dactylorhiza fuchsii, in the woods around the edge of Village Green

Chris Seymour’s pictures of the park’s common spotted orchids.

The first common spotted orchid of the year, photographed by Ian Bushell. Send in your own orchid photographs to and we will publish them all.


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