Litter left in Sleepers Field.

“This was the scene I was greeted with in Sleepers this morning, they kindly left their carrier bag so I was able to clear up and get to a bin.” DKG



4 thoughts on “Litter left in Sleepers Field.

    1. We hope this is just thoughtless teenagers; most park-users are diligent and responsible about litter. The park is a local amenity, maintained, cleaned up, loved and looked after by local volunteers, many of whom are pensioners with creaking knees. Please pick up your litter – thank you.

    2. By email from Jane G: “I can only say it is rather depressing isn’t it. I was walking my dog this morning and used one of my poo bags to picked up rubbish in Kestrel field. and i took home an empty wine bottle for recycling. must remember to bring a bigger bag with me next time. how people can be so oblivious to the dangers and spoiling of a site is beyond me.”

  1. We have a beautiful park abundant in flora and fauna that is being spoiled by a minority, either leaving litter or other debris or the so called dog lovers who just cannot be bothered to clear up their mess or if they do, tossing the bag into the hedge/bushes.

    Remember, it is the volunteers who give up their time to look after the park and carry out litter picks etc. Without them I doubt that this park would be here and would soon end up in the hands of developers, then where would you go to enjoy lovely walks. Think on…….

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