Camping is NOT allowed in Southwick Country Park.   Wiltshire Council

Getting in touch…

We were told, a couple of days after the event, of two large and aggressive dogs, without collars, apparently unattended, running around in the park. This, coupled with the damage done to four of our trees last week, made us worry that park users might not have the right information to report such things as... Continue Reading →

By DKG: "A few photos from a stroll last night, unfortunately the cloud closed in and even a few spots of the wet stuff, very dull and dismal. The Bluebells are situated in the copse  in Brunt's Field; a lovely display this year after the haloing last year. There is no sign of the green... Continue Reading →

"This was the scene I was greeted with in Sleepers this morning, they kindly left their carrier bag so I was able to clear up and get to a bin." DKG    

Reasons to Scoop Poop: No 1

TOXOCARIASIS: Children get toxocariasis when they are infected with the eggs of roundworms (Toxocara canis) from the faeces of dogs. The infection happens when the child gets soil or sand contaminated with faeces into its mouth. Once the eggs are inside the child's digestive tract, they move into the bowel where they hatch into larvae.... Continue Reading →

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