Reasons to scoop poop: £1,000

This is the fourth and last of our spring campaign lectures about scooping poop in the park. Scooping poop may save you a £1,000.

Southwick Country Park belongs to Wiltshire Council. It is categorised as an open space to which the public have access. Therefore, despite its being rented out for agricultural use, it comes under the  same set of regulations as Trowbridge’s town parks, football pitches and playgrounds.

Those rules permit no excuses for not picking up after your dog, except physical disability. Not seeing where your dog pooped or having no poo bags will count for nothing. Failing to pick up and remove your dog’s faeces from anywhere in Southwick Country Park, its fields, woods or paths, is an offence for which there is a fixed penalty of £75. Failure to pay the fixed penalty will result in a court appearance and the possibility of a £1,000 fine.

UPDATE: the changes that Defra is proposing (see below) will raise the fixed penalty to £100.

We don’t know if there is an extra penalty for those who bag their dog’s faeces and throw the bag into the bushes and trees, but we would like to think Nemesis has her eye especially on them.


Wiltshire Council is conducting a consultation: Defra (Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs) is proposing a change to the regulations about  littering, including dog fouling; County Councils have been asked to contribute and Wiltshire is conducting a public consultation on the matter.

There is a survey and the opportunity to say your piece about littering and fly tipping as well as dog fouling and people who throw bags of dog poop into the trees. The consultation period ends on June 10th.


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2 thoughts on “Reasons to scoop poop: £1,000

  1. Wasn’t somebody fined $1000 quite recently for not picking up dog poo in Southwick park?

    1. That happened in 2013, and for quite some time afterwards people were more careful about clearing up after their dogs in the park.

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