The vandalism spreads

At half term, there was more damage to the trees in the copse at the top of Village Green, fortunately nothing fatal this time but still significant. There was evidence of a camp. The rough grassland, left for wildlife, where we have been planting native daffodils, had been trampled flat in places. We picked up the litter and hoped it was an isolated incident.

But since then there have been more fires, more damage and more litter. We have received reports that the boundary fences between the park and neighbouring farmland have been cut.

A  neighbour who had planted new blackthorn hedging because his wire fence had been cut, said:

I was very disappointed to see that these plants have been seriously damaged and this evening there was another fire and a lot of litter where they have apparently made a camp in the corner of the park.”



More disturbing are reports of children chasing livestock in the neighbouring fields. There is one horrible report of real cruelty to newborn lambs. There is a focus on fire and setting things alight that is very worrying.

For the sake of everybody, including the children who are doing these things, we need to put a stop to this. Our beautiful park deserves our respect, as do our neighbours, their property and their livestock. It doesn’t serve our children well to let this continue unchecked.

If you see bad behaviour or cruelty in the park, anything that concerns you, please report it to the police. In an emergency call 999, or for non-emergencies 101. If you can do so without risk to yourself, take photographs. Our community police officer says:

“… it is important to note that if people choose to take photos, these photos MUST NOT be posted or shared online, on social media etc. I would rather they came directly to myself ( as I cover the beat area. My email is not for emergency use but for intelligence gathering. If people do email me,  could they provide as much information as possible, and a contact number to get back to them on”

Don’t worry that you might be wasting official time on little things; even little things will help the police build an accurate picture of what is happening and who is making it happen. Little unreported things are so often precursors to great big things of which we say ‘somebody should have said something’.

Please, let’s be the somebody who says something.


Police non-emergency number is 101; the emergency number is still 999.

More vandalism here

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  1. This is awful! Why do so many young people today seem to have so little empathy or respect for others or the world around them.

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