Neighbourhood Plan Questionnaires

All the houses in Southwick have recently received a questionnaire about Southwick Village’s Neighbourhood Plan. This is part of a consultation which will end on Wednesday 27th June. A Neighbourhood Plan, properly registered with the local planning authority, gives residents the power to influence the direction of development in their area.

In the case of Southwick, it will enable residents to help us hold back the housing developments that are proposed for the important wildlife corridor that exists between Southwick Village and Trowbridge. The Friends are very concerned about maintaining the green corridor that is used by our rare Bechstein bats; their maternity roost is in Green Lane Woods and they feed in the park. We have rare Category 3 dragonflies in the park that rely on the quality of the water in Lambrok Stream which runs through the  old parkland of Southwick Court. These are assets the park cannot afford to lose.

PLEASE return your questionnaires before next week; help us protect Southwick’s wildlife.

Thank you,


2 thoughts on “Neighbourhood Plan Questionnaires

  1. Yes, please complete and return your Neighbourhood Plan questionnaire. Allowing large housing developments around Southwick could have far reaching effects. The quality of the water in the Lambrok and the habitat of the creaturers who live there, a considerable increase in the numbers of cars on our roads and an inevitable increase in crime to name but a few.

    Barbara Johnson.

  2. We should all be concerned about the number of building projects going on in the fields around Trowbridge while there are derelict sites right in the town.

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