parkrunner of the year!

Frank Lamerton, long-time Friend of the park and regular work party volunteer, is Southwick Country Park’s parkrunner of the year.

Frank said:

I was totally unaware that there was a park runner of the year award. I knew there was a park runner of the month as I won it last September for doing four consecutive races in August with a WAVA (World Association of Veteran Athletes) rating of over 80%. I actually did six in a row going into September.



The WAVA % rating is based on your time against your age. So a quick young runner might do it in 18 minutes whereas I might do it in 23 minutes; he is obviously quicker than me and will beat me, but my WAVA rating might be higher than his so technically I would be classed as a better runner. Anything over 80% is classed as an excellent score. I have consistently got over or around the magic 80%. I think this is why I won the award.

Congratulations Frank; you are such an example to us all.


Frank also ran the London Marathon this year; click the picture for details.

Frank Lamerton

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