It’s ragwort pulling time

We need your help.

Our farmer has cut down a lot of the summer’s ragwort in the park’s three big fields  but there is more that will have to be pulled by hand. If we are to avoid the regular use of herbicides in the park, we have to accept that pulling ragwort by hand will become an annual chore. We need lots of volunteers.

Please come and help. There will be a ragwort pulling party on Sunday, September 9th, 10.00am until 12.00am. Let’s meet in the car park; bring your own gloves and FoSCP will bring the bin bags.

Hundreds of people use the park: for exercise, for meditation, to walk their dogs, to let their children run, and for the pleasure of just being outside in the sunshine. It’s payback time; your park needs you.

Pulling ragwort by DKG
FoSCP pulling ragwort last year.

More about ragwort:


and about injurious weeds:

creeping thistle

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