Wiltshire’s Housing Plan

The latest update:

The Inspector has returned one of the documents of the WHSAP submission with the requirement that it be put forward for public consultation.

It is called Schedule of Proposed Changes July 2018.  The pages that seem relevant to Trowbridge in general and Southwick Country Park in particular, are pp18-28. We would suggest that anybody concerned about any part of the WHSAP should try to read the whole confusing thing. There are 29 Annexes to the document that all seem to be maps; they are listed here.

Wiltshire Council has replied, saying:

“… we are making preparations to undertake a consultation on the focused changes as part of the examination process. As you advise, this will involve consultation on the Schedule of Proposed Changes and any updated evidence base documents.
It is anticipated that this would start week commencing 24 September 2018 for a 6 week period consistent with the Council’s Statement of Community Involvement and close week commencing 5 November 2018. We will of course ensure that you have copies of the consultation documents and update you on exact dates in due course.”

Some of the changes proposed under the schedule include increased housing density in the Church Lane and Upper Studley sites, a response to the concerns of the Environment Agency for the Lambrok floodplain and drainage into the Lambrok, and an increase of the Church Lane site from 3+ to 5+ hectares so that its southern boundary runs right along Lambrok Stream. These changes have all been proposed since the original consultation period and should all have been put to the public before the Housing Plan was submitted to the Secretary of State.

The new consultation period begins on September 24th and runs for six weeks. This means that the Inspector will have to delay  the hearings. We will try to air all FoSCP’s concerns for the welfare of the park and the Lambrok before the new consultation period begins.

Watch this space.


Wild rose

All pictures by DKG

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